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Sree Mookambika Cancer Centre

When Cancer Strikes – We Strike Back

Sree Mookambika Cancer Centre was started on May 7, 2017, to provide affordable treatment to cancer patients in the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu. It is the only Cancer centre in Kanya Kumari District, offering Comprehensive State-of-the-art Diagnostic and Treatment facilities, especially Radiation therapy for Cancer patients of different age groups under one roof.

Treatment protocols followed are based strictly on evidence-based International and National guidelines on Cancer treatment. Comprehensive Treatment modalities including Onco Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Supportive Care are provided by dedicated team for both adult and paediatric patients.

Ours is a team of experienced oncologists armed with world class infrastructure who offer chemotherapy treatment for a wide variety of solid tumors. Patients receive day care chemotherapy in the security of Hepa filtered pressure control rooms with strict asepsis control where the chemo drugs are reconstituted in a dedicated Biological Safety cabinet under Laminar hood. The Hospital is also equipped with ICU facility for managing patients with chemotherapy related side effects.



  • Chemotherapy and biological therapy ( Targeted agents and monoclonal antibodies) offered for adult solid tumors
  • Treatment based on standard international protocols.
  • Dedicated day care facility, general wards and private rooms available
  • Dedicated Biological safety cabinet facility for reconstituting chemotherapy drugs.
  • All rooms are Hepafiltered pressure controlled with strict asepsis control.
  • Procedures such as Bone Marrow biopsy and Intra thecal chemotherapy done.
  • ICU facilities available for supportive care for chemotherapy related complications.


  • Chemotherapy
  • Biological therapy
  • Supportive care
  • Oncological Emergencies


  • Bone Marrow Aspiration /Biopsy
  • Intrathecal Injection,
  • Paracentesis,
  • Thoracocentesis
  • Intravesicular/Peritoneal Chemo

Surgery is a vital part in management of cancer. It helps in diagnosing and staging the disease, treatment, relief of symptoms and prevent from further spread or recurrence. we offer a broad range of specialized services and are committed to providing access to leading-edge surgical techniques and technologies that improve patient outcomes and strive to provide ‘Evidence-Based Management’ of all cancers with the available resources

In the Multi specialty Tumour Board discussion, the team of Medical, Radiation and Surgical Oncologists, work along with Pathologists and Radiologists to formulate the best care plan for each patient. This coordinated approach ensures that patients are offered the most thorough and personalized care possible.


Clinical Focus

The department of Surgical Oncology offers both outpatient and inpatient services for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer patients. The department offers both minor and major operation theatre services including endoscopy for various kinds of cancer

  • Breast oncology
  • Gynecological oncology
  • Head and Neck oncology
  • Gastrointestinal and Colorectal cancer surgery
  • Hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery
  • Endocrine cancer surgery
  • Skin cancers
  • Bone tumors and Sarcoma surgery
  • Lung cancer surgery
  • Acute care general and palliative surgical oncology
  • Rehabilitation services

Sree Mookambika Cancer Centre boasts of a world class state of the art comprehensive Radiotherapy facility equipped with the Varian ClinaciX, a Most Advanced Linear Accelerator that enables modern day radiotherapy treatment techniques.

Compatible for advanced treatments like

  1. Rapid Arc
  2. Image Guided Radiation Therapy
  3. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
  4. 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy
  5. Stereotactic Radio Surgery
  6. Stereotactic Radiation Therapy
  7. Dedicated CT & MRI for planning


  1. Precision treatment
  2.  Submillimeter Accuracy
  3. Sparing of Normal Tissues
  4. Minimal  Side effects


The department also offers HDR  Brachytherapy treatment for a wide array of cancers with the help of VarianGamma-med plus ix.

  1. Intracavitory, Interstitial & Intraluminal Brachytherapy
  2. 3D Conformational Brachytherapy
  3. CT/MRI Planning
  4. Dedicated OT


Nuclear Medicine/SPECT CT

  • Siemens-Evo Excel
  • Only Centre in  South Tamil Nadu
  • HD detector Technology with easy access to patients with limited mobility, Hospital Bed Imaging Capability, Higher bed capacity for Obese Patients

The Team

Radiation OncologistRadiation Physicist Medical OncologistSurgical Oncologist

Dr. Girish

Mr. Vivekanandan

Dr. Arumugam

Dr. Anitha