Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University



The Department of Neurosurgery is committed to provide the best of neurosurgical services to everyone at affordable costs. Being the only hospital with a dedicated 24 hour neurosurgical speciality in the vicinity of Kulasekharam and Kanyakumari district as a whole, our department is in the forefront in treating neurosurgical ailments for the last decade. We attend to various neurosurgical disorders ranging from trauma, neuro oncology, congenital anomalies, spinal tumors, spinal degenerative diseases, to neurovascular diseases.

          We are equipped with state of the art equipment and microsurgical instruments for micro neurosurgical procedures and patient care. Our operating suite is staffed with nurses well trained in assisting neurosurgery and backed by an ICU with competent nursing staff.


The aims of our department are to provide quality medical care, excellent patient care and educating our junior staff and nursing staff. We have promised ourselves to continue medical research and education at our institute and department. We are always upgrading ourselves to achieve excellence and to promote health care. We are also committed to employ competent nursing and paramedical staffs and to hone their academic and workmen skills.

     We are equipped with the all the necessary equipments like Vario 700 operating microscope, C arm, operating table, neurosurgical drills like Midas Rex Pneumatic Drill and electric drills for surgical procedures. Our ICU is well equipped with committed and competent nursing staffs, and ventilators to address any kind of neurosurgical emergency.

Focus of the Department

  • To achieve excellence in academic and research works,
  • To continuously upgrade ourselves for patient care,
  • To teach and educate our young minds and
  • To help them become better doctors.


We are well equipped to address all kinds of neurosurgical pathologies. We have a well-equipped modern operation theatre to meet our rigorous demands.

Our surgical achievements include supratentorial tumor excision, infratentorial tumor excision, cerebellopontine angle surgeries, neurovascular surgeries, trauma and other neurosurgical emergencies, spinal disorders, spinal tumors, spinal instrumentation, degenerative spinal disorders among others. These procedures are routinely performed in our department and our results are attested by none other than our patients themselves.

Teaching Programme

We conduct regular medical auditing and statistical meets to scrutinize ourselves. We work in close association with our allied departments like Department of Radiodiagnosis, Department of pathology, and Department of Anesthesiology for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

We conduct regular clinicopathological conferences for educational and research purposes.We conduct regular seminars for postgraduate residents.

Apart from regular teaching programmes, we conduct regular Journal clubs, clinical case discussion meet, ward rounds and interdepartmental meets.