Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University

Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy


The Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy gets patients from the whole of Kanyakumari district and neighbouring districts. There are well equipped Outpatient and Inpatient facilities.  All types of skin problems, hair and nail problems, sexually transmitted infections, genital discharges, and problems related to HIV, are treated as per international standards.

Cases of Leprosy are identified and referred to National Programme, while Lepro Reaction treatment is provided here. All investigations for the detection and diagnosis of most ailments are available in the department.

Focus of the Department

6 Special clinics are conducted in every week between 2- 4 Pm, where high quality treatment is administered based on international standards.

Monday – Psoriasis Clinic

Tuesday – Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic

Wednesday – Hansen’s Disease Clinic

Thursday – Pigmentary Disease Clinic

Friday – Auto immune Disease clinic

Saturday – Vasiculo Bullous Disease clinic

Head of Department

Dr. A.J.S. Pravin

Research Work done till Date

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Facilities Available

The Central Laboratory conducts are basic and advanced systemic investigations for the patients.  There is a specialized Laboratory in Outpatients’ as well as Inpatient areas where wet smear, KOH preparations, Gram’s stain, Leishman stain and acid fast stain can be done.  Biopsy is done as an Outpatient procedure.  Other high end technology used for removal of tattoos, warts, unwanted moles, and hair are:

  1. Phototherapy Unit
    • Carbondioxide Laser
    • Nd yag Laser
    • Intensepulse dye laser
  1. Microdermabrader
  2. PRP Procedures
  3. Chemical peelings
  4. Electric Hyfrecators
  5. Cryosurgery
  6. Ionto Phoresis
  7. Derma roller
  8. Mesopen
  9. Intra lesional steroid injection
  10. Biopsy
  11. Punch grafting

Teaching Programmes

There are separate teaching schedules for undergraduate and post graduate students both clinical & theory based on MCI guidelines.  Practical training on general skin and hair ailments, Hansen’s diseases as well as aesthetic dermatology is given.  Postgraduates are trained to handle biopsy, and aesthetic procedures individually.  Seminars, group discussions, symposia and Journal clubs are conducted weekly.   Assessment of CRRIs and monthly tests for post graduates conducted periodically.