Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University

Forensic Medicine


Forensic Medicine is that branch of medicine which deals with the application of principles of medical knowledge in the administration of law and justice.

Focus of the Department

The teaching of undergraduate students in Forensic Medicine is to produce a physician who is well informed about medico legal responsibilities in practice of Medicine.  The student acquires knowledge of law in relation to medical practice, medical negligence and respect for codes of medical ethics.


  • The student should be able to understand medical ethics, medical etiquette, duties, rights and legal responsibilities of the physician towards patient, profession, society, state and humanity at large and implications of medical negligence
  • The students should know the existing laws and procedures including the recent developments applicable to medical practice
  • Identify, examine, document and prepare report/certificate in medico legal cases/situations in accordance with the law of the land
  • Recognise and manage common medico legal problems including cases of poisoning in conformity with medical procedure
  • Perform medico legal post-mortem examination and interpret the findings and results of other relevant investigations to logically conclude the cause, manner and time since death
  • Preserve and despatch specimens in medico legal/post-mortem cases and other concerned materials to the appropriate government agencies for necessary examination
  • The student should be aware of the general principles of environmental, occupational and preventive aspects of toxicology.

Research work done

Since sanction for conducting post-mortem examination in private medical colleges is not given in Tamil Nadu, we are unable to get adequate material for research work.

Facilities Available

The department has a spacious museum which houses a large collection of specimens, bones, weapons, photograph and charts of medico legal importance.  A well equipped mortuary with four cooling chambers for keeping the dead bodies is there in the hospital.  All modern facilities are available in the attached autopsy theatre for conducting post mortem examination.

UG Teaching program

Period of Study                 – Semesters 3, 4 & 5
Duration of training        – 18 months
Lecture Hours                   –   30
Innovative sessions and practical classes – 70 hours
Total number of hours   – 100