Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University

Radiology & Radio-Diagnosis


The Department of Radiology and Radiodiagnosis is committed to providing excellent patient care as a front runner of diagnostic evaluation through high end technology.    The department trains the next generation of Radiology graduates and undergraduates to seed the rest of the world. 


Computerised Radiography


With a truly outstanding faculty and staff, the department continues to push the boundaries of what Radiology as a field will become in the years to come. It plans to play a very important role in the development of personalised medicine by moving advances from the laboratories to the clinic for improved patient-centric care. Anticipating better tools for implementing personalised medicine, there will be a patient-centric approach to Radiology that will greatly increase the interaction between Radiologists and patients.

Focus of the Department

We impart the highest quality education through a combination of theoretical training and practical hands-on clinical experience that prepares our students to become leaders in their chosen fields of specialty. Patient care is our number one priority, for which we have specified protocols in place.


Currently we have completed and ongoing research work done by faculty and resident post graduate trainees on body imaging (CT, MRI, USG). 

Sl.NoTitleAuthorsJournal Name
1“Role of Dynamic Computed Tomography in Diagnosis and Characterisation of Pancreatic neoplasm”,Dr. S. Sathish Babu,
Dr. Arun A.,
Dr. Shyam Sudharsan,
Dr. Prashant V. Solanke
Paripex Indian Journal of Research, 3rd March 2017, , Vol.6, Issue : 3, Page No. 27-30, ISSN 2250-1991
2“Role of MRI in Evaluation of Lumbar Disc Degenerative Disease”Dr. S. Sathish Babu,
Dr. Vinod,
Dr. Anu Priya
International Journal of Scientific Research, 3rd March 2017, , Vol.6, Issue : 3, Page No. 52-53, ISSN 2277-8179
3“Role of High Resolution Computed Tomography in Evaluation of Interstitial Lung Disease : A Hospital based Study”,Dr. Arun A.,
Dr. S. Sathish Babu,
Dr. Anu Priya J. T.,
Dr. Bhupinderjit Singh
Paripex Indian Journal of Research, 3rd March 2017, , Vol.6, Issue : 3, Page No. 63-65, ISSN 2250-1991
4“Role of CT in the diagnostic evaluation of Mediastinal Masses : Institution based Study”Dr. Vinod S.,
Dr. S. Sathish Babu,
Dr.Mahtab Yeganegi,
Dr. Bhupinderjit Singh
Paripex Indian Journal of Research, 3rd March 2017, , Vol.6, Issue : 3, Page No. 58-59, ISSN 2250-1991
5Sonographic Evaluation of Thyroid lesions with FNAC Correlation Dr. Anu Priya J. T.Completed Research for Dissertation
6Mammogram and Ultrasound Evaluation of breast lesions with FNAC correlationDr. Mahtab YeganegiCompleted Research for Dissertation

Facilities Available

All equipments are AERB certified.  The spacious Radiology Department has

With the equipments provided we are able to perform various aspects of body imaging.

Head of Department

Dr. Sathish Babu

PG Teaching Programmes

The Radiology Department, as a part of training and research in SMIMS, has an annual intake of 2 Radiology residents as part of the Postgraduate Radiology training programme.

The goal of Post Graduate education is to create specialists who would provide high quality diagnostics and interventional support in patient treatment.  Training is imparted in conventional and modern radiology, and imaging techniques, so that the post graduate student becomes well versed and competent to practice, teach and conduct research in the discipline of Radiology. The student also acquires basic knowledge in the various sub-specialities of Radiology. We ensure that any graduate has a level of knowledge so that will be competent to work in any healthcare setting.