Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University



Human physiology deals with studying the normal functions of the human body, the cell and its organelles, and tissues.  This also includes study of the different systems of the human body like blood, muscle physiology, Nerve physiology, Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system, Gastro intestinal system, Excretory system, Central Nervous system, Special senses, Endocrinology, Reproductive system, Lymphatic system, Reticulo endothelial system, Skeletal system, Sports Physiology, Aviation physiology, High altitude physiology, Underwater physiology, Physiology of Yoga and meditation. How all these systems will work together in a coordinated manner to maintain the health of the human body called Homeostasis.   Physiology will be taught in coordination with other medical subjects to understand disease processes better. 


To understand the abnormal functions of different tissues, organs, and systems of the human body in various diseases and to treat them efficiently.

Focus of the Department

The department is well equipped with lecture hall for 100 students, demonstration room, Haematology Laboratory for blood experiments, Clinical physiology Laboratory, Human Physiology Laboratory, Amphibian experiments Laboratory, Mammalian physiology experiments laboratory, Research Laboratory for Post graduates, with necessary apparatus and museum.

 There is also a seminar room with audio visual aids, departmental library with many journals and latest textbooks required for the staff members and post graduate students.

Head of Department

Dr. Shobha Kumari .T

Teaching Programme

  • Conducting regular theory classes, practicals, tutorials and demonstrations for undergraduate students of MBBS, BDS and DMLT courses
  • Conducting regular teaching program including seminars, Journal club, Case presentation, Clinical Discussion, Pedagogy and Practicals for Post Graduate (MD Physiology) Students.

Research Activities

Post graduate students have published many research papers in state and national journals and attended many CMES and conferences.