Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University



The Department of Ophthalmology was started in the year 2005 under the leadership of Prof. Dr. P. S. Indrapal.  The department expanded with the joining of Prof. Rajendran in 2011 and Associate Professor Dr. Kishor Kumar Jacob in 2012.  Many surgeries including cataract surgeries, anti glaucoma surgeries, Pterygium excisions etc have been performed effortlessly.  Since 2017, a fully fledged Retina department under Prof. Meena Chakrabarti has been established after which vitreo retinal surgeries and laser therapies are performed regularly.  The department provides comprehensive healthcare in the field of ophthalmology.


  • Better eye care at affordable cost
  • Comprehensive eye check up for everyone
  • Help in reducing preventable blindness in all sections of society.

Focus of the Department

  • Complete patient satisfaction
  • Provide the best vision possible for everyone
  • Meticulous surgeries & procedures.


Data of Research completed in the last 3 years

S. NoTitleAuthorsJournal Name
1Prevalence of Glaucoma Among Kanyakumari populationDr.Kishor Kumar Jacob,
Dr. Prashant V. Solanke,
Dr. N. Rajendran,
Dr. P. S. Indrapal,
Dr. A. Vinolin Maria Sebastina,
Dr. Vignesh
Accepted for Publication in Indian Journal of Research,
15th May 2017 Issue
2A study on prevalence of pterygium in Sree Mookambika Institute of Medical SciencesDr. N. Rajendran,
Dr. Kishore Kumar Jacob,
Dr. P. S. Indrapal,
Dr. Prashant V. Solanke,
Dr. Divya Aleena Jacob
Accepted for Publication in International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Sciences(IJIRMS) for
inclusion in Volume 2,
Issue 5,May 2017
3Study on prevalence of Cataract and the importance of Cataract Surgery at Tertiary Care HospitalDr. N. Rajendran
Dr. J. Kishore Kumar Jacob
Accepted for Publication Scholars Journal of applied Medical Sciences ISSN:2320-6691(Online)ISSN:2347-954X(Print)
4A Clinical study on Anterior Uveitis in a tertiary care HospitalDr. N. Rajendran
Dr. J. Kishor KumarJacob
Accepted, awaiting Publication in International Journal of CurrentResearch in Medical Sciences Volume3,Issue 7, July 2017 ISSN:2454-5716,P-ISJN:A4372-3064, E-ISJN:A4372-3064,E-ISJN:A4372-3061
5A study on Diabetic Retinopathy among Diabetic Patients attending a tertiary care CentreDr. Mookambika R. V.
Dr. N. Rajendran
Accepted, awaiting Publication in International Journal of Current Research in Medical Sciences Volume 3,Issue 5, 2017 ISSN:2454-5716,P-ISJN:A4372-3064, E-ISJN:A4372-3061
6A study on hypertensive Retinopathy among hypertensive patients in a tertiary care hospitalDr. J. Kaniraj Peter
Dr. Indrapal P. S.
Accepted, awaiting Publication in International Journal of Current Research in Medical Sciences Volume3, Issue 6, (June) 2017ISSN:2454-5716,P-ISJN:A4372-3064,EISJN:A4372-3061
7A hospital based study on the prevalence of dry eyes in a tertiary care hospitalDr. J. Kishore Kumar Jacob,
Dr. N. Rajendran,
Dr. P. S. Indrapal,
Dr. Prashant V. Solanke,
Dr. Hasanul Banna
Dr. Vinolin Mariya
Submitted-awaiting Acceptance
8Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy and its association with diabetic nephropathy.Dr. Divya Aleena Jacob
Dr. Indrapal P. S.
9Case report on sinusitis leading to blindnessDr. Divya Aleena Jacob
Dr. Indrapal P. S.
10Atypical peripapillary uveal melanoma Dr. Hasanul Banna
Dr. Indrapal P. S.

Data ongoing Research in the Department of Ophthalmology

Sl. NoTitle of Research Name of the InvestigatorIEC Number


Variation in Central Corneal thickness in diabetes:A comparative prospective study at atertiary care hospital

Dr. Hasanual Banna K. M.
Dr. Indrapal P. S.



Prevalence and risk factors associated with primary open angle glaucoma in a tertiary care hospital

Dr. Adhithya Shankar
Dr. Indrapal P. S.

SMIMS/IHEC/ No.1/Protocol No.29/2016


Central retinal thickness and enhanced depth imaging in diabetics in a tertiary care centre: A cross sectional  Study

Dr. Shruthy
Dr. Indrapal P. S.
Dr. Meena Chakrabarthi

Facilities Available

  • Refraction
  • ARM
  • A-Scan
  • B-Scan
  • Direct Ophthalmoscopy
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
  • Synoptophore
  • HFA
  • Fundus camera
  • OCT
  • YAG laser
  • Green laser
  • Cataract & glaucoma surgeries
  • Vitreo-retinal surgeries

Head of Department

Dr. P.S. Indrapal

Teaching Programmes

Under Graduate
  • Theory Class
  • Seminar
  • Integrated Classes
Post Graduate
  • Journal Clubs
  • Seminar
  • Case Presentations
  • Symposium
  • Dr. Tony Fernandez Best video Award 2000
  • Dr. Sankara Menon Award 2004
  • OASIS DRISHTI: Best video award 2005
  • Dr. Siva Reddy Award 2006
  • Best poster Award of KSOS, 2006
  • ET Selvan Best poster Award of AIOS, 2007
  • KSOS Best Free paper (Post Segment Award)2007
  • National Award for prevention of Blindness by NSPB for the year 2007
  • KSOS Best free paper (Dr. Noel Moniz anterior segment free paper Award)2010
  • Dr. KGR Nair Memorial free paper Award 2016