Non Clinical Departments

In 2011, the departments has upgraded as a postgraduate training centre and offers MD degree courses in the following departments which improved the research facilities

  1. Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Pathology
  5. Pharmacology
  6. Microbiology
  7. Social & Preventive Medicine
  8. SMIMS Centre for Medical Education
  9. Human Ethics Department




anatomyThe department of Anatomy houses a vast dissection hall which provides work space for 100 students at a time. Adequate number of cadavers, a museum well stocked with 2000 mounted specimens, charts and clay/plastic models, bones and skeleton aid learning.  A demonstration room with a radiology lobby with numerous CT, MRI and X Ray images orient the students to applied radiological anatomy. There are separate labs for embryology with various models and animated videos and histological anatomy which use CCTV facilities to orient the students better. A cold storage system that can preserve 15 bodies is functional. There is an embalming facility to embalm private and donated bodies. The department fulfills academic needs of undergraduate students of medicine and involves in re-inforcing basic medicine skills for post graduate students of medicine.




physiologyThe department has a large laboratory complex housing lucid flow charts, diagrams and models which fortifies theoretical concepts acquired during regular lectures and seminars. A computerized teaching system with animated presentations helps the student in understanding the bodily functions which is a pre-requisite to understand the clinical medicine.




biochemistryThe fundamentals of biochemistry and their ramifications in health and disease are taught to the students by lucid lectures and practical classes. The department also offers round-the-clock diagnostic services to the hospital. Sophisticated and specialized equipments enable the diagnostic laboratory to handle large volumes of samples and provide accurate reports with very little turn – around time.




pathologyThe department comprises of histopathology, cytopathology, clinical pathology and blood bank. The pride of the department is its huge museum which has a stunning array of tissue specimens of all systems of the body, flow charts, models and collection of rare slides. The work profile includes teaching, diagnostic services and research. The CCTV aided microscope with projection facilities has made discussion of slides for both teaching and diagnostic purposes, an easy task. The department was upgraded as a postgraduate training center and offers excellent scope for research activities.



Department of pharmacology provides a large laboratory complex housing lucid flow charts, diagrams and models fortify theoretical concepts acquired during regular lectures and seminars.


 The upgradation of the department to a certified post-graduate training  centre resulted in improved research activities. The faculty and post-  graduates interact with their clinical colleagues in their research  programmes...







Forensic medicine


forensicThe Department imparts training to the Medical students in all types of medico-legal works with special emphasis on modern scientific investigations in crime detection. The students are made aware of medical ethics and etiquette apart from the know-how of handling all types of medico-legal cases. The Department has a spacious museum which houses a large collection of specimens, bones, weapons, photographs and charts of medico-legal importance.




microbiologyThe department offers diagnostic services to the hospital regarding bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology, Immunology, Serology and Medical Entomology. The department of Microbiology is well equipped to teach and diagnose most of the infectious diseases prevalent in the society. The department is well equipped with latest equipments which fortify the diagnostic capabilities. The department also carries out bacteriological analysis of water, theatre sterility checks, in-house disinfectant testing and hospital environment surveillance.. The department maintains a scientifically designed central animal house stocked with pedigreed animals of different species, for research.


Community medicine


The Department provides unique and appropriate learning opportunities for the students to prepare them for Primary Health care. The students are taken to various rural and tribal areas during first and the third year during the posting and are indulged in various programmes like health education, camps and surviellence. The CRRI’s are posted for 3 months in various primary health care centeres who offers health care for most needed. They also do field visits for regular monitoring of ailments.

        Social welfare and Care for the Poor was a major concern right from the period of Late.Shri Velayudhan Pillai who offered free treatment ,food and Ayurvedic medicines for all patients. This scheme is  being continued and followed by the saintly surgeon ,the Chaiman Of SMIMS. With this regard we offer free general camps and special camps during world hypertension/Obesity/Diabetes/AIDS/ VISION /Tuberculosis/Maternal & Child Care/Breast feeding days in the hospital and rural/tribal areas with integration of community medicine department and the concerned departments.

We have 2 Primary Health Centeres which offers 24 hours basic health needs to the community. Complicated cases are referred to medical college hospital for further management following basic first aid treatment.


 SMIMS Centre for Medical Education

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 Human Ethics And Research Department

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