1.     Monthly Free Medical camps

a.    Cardiology & Cardiothoracic surgery

b.   Nephrology

c.    Internal Medicine

2.   Health Education

3.   Free deliveries by Obstetrics department

4.   School camps

5.    Free diabetic clinic.

6.    Flood relief work- Kanya Kumari District.(1990)

7.    Tsunami Relief Work (2004 December)

8.    Relief Material and Medicines For Chennai flood Relief work(2015 December)


World TB day 



Observing World Environment Day on June

                                 The World Environment day is observed world-wide on 5th of June every year with themes focussing on environmental protection and conservation. As part of observing World Environment day in Sree Mookambika Institute of Medical Sciences, a plastic free initiative was conducted by the department of Community Medicine involving the students of 6th semester on June 3 2016. At 2:30 pm the students assembled in lecture hall no. 5. Dr.Sudhir Ben Nelson (Assistant Professor, department of Community Medicine) spoke about the rationale behind conducting a plastic waste collection programme, particularly about carbon neutrality and carbon offset. Following this session, the students were split into 5 groups and were given disposable gloves and waste collection bag for collecting plastics. They were then sent to various locations inside the campus, where they collected discarded plastic waste. The students were accompanied by our post graduates Dr.Vishnu G.Ashok, Dr.Krishna Prasad, Dr.Priya, Dr.Biju, Dr.Kasturi and also by the interns Dr.Saranya, Dr.Sanjeyanth, Dr.Nikil Roy, Dr.Numa. The programme lasted till 4:00 pm and approximately 35 bags of plastic waste were collected and segregated for disposal (Vide Infra for the photos)

Faculty Experience:

 It was a refreshing experience to take the students to out and enable them to directly visualise the extend of pollution inside our campus.

Student’s Experience:

v  It was a wonderful experience. Rather than siting within the four walls and listening to the lecture, being there out in the field was different. We understood the hazards of plastic and the need for its segregation. We were rejoiced to witness our teachers join hands with us in this service.

v  We had a fun filled session as we explored our beautiful and scenic campus, the elegance of which inspired us.






                    May 31st is being celebrated as World Anti-Tobacco day every year. Every year WHO selects a slogan for the day. The slogan adopted for this year is “Get Ready for Plain Packaging”. The department of Community Medicine planned to conduct health education programme in the other institutions. For this purpose, 5 teams of 3rd year MBBS students were selected under the guidance of Dr. Kasturi (2nd Year PG). The names of the team members are as follows,

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5


Allen Kiruba



Karthik Balan

Merin Jughy

Flippo P. Gadth V

Anesha Isaac






Alagu Sriram


Joxy Jill

Anu Shankar

Bibi Herlin

Raj Kiran Moti


Athulya Ramesh

Arun Arul David

Aarthy prabha

Prawin samrat




Pandi meena


Mohammed Yasser Arafath




Aarthi .A




Ebi Pious

Vinayak Mani Aiswarya





Casmier Leeth



Jefi Rajan

Narendra Prasad

Rahul Giridas


Naveen Kumar

Jaya Shanthi







Arun M.A Joseph











                              Three Institutions namely Government Higher Secondary School Kulasekharam,, Harisree Matriculation school Puthenkadai, Holy Trinity College of Education (B.Ed) Melpalai gave us the opportunity to conduct the programme. To improvise the students’ performance, a rehearsal session was conducted on 27th May 2016 during the community medicine period. Suggestions were given by the staffs and PGs to enhance their performance.

                           We started from our college by 1.30 pm. Teams 1 and 2 were guided by Dr.Vijayakumar (HOD of Community Medicine). Team 3 was accompanied by Dr.Kasturi (PG Dept. of Community Medicine). Dr.Sudhir Ben Nelson (Assistant Professor Dept. of Community Medicine) and teams 4 and 5 made their way to the Government Higher Secondary school but in vain since the students went home by afternoon, we failed to conduct the programme in this school.



                            Teams 1 and 2 arrived at Holy Trinity College of Education by 3.20 p.m. The teams were greeted by the college staffs and we were led to the seminar hall on the second floor. Our actual plan was to divide the whole B.Ed students into 2 groups and conduct the programme. Since the crowd was around 50 we coupled the team programmes. As per the new plan team 1 was supposed to do the Skit and team 2, presentation.

                             The function started by 3.30 pm. The prayer song “A beautiful Star of Bethlehem” was sung by S.P.Gladwin Nija & Group. The welcome address was delivered by N.V.Radhika. Dr. Vijayakumar gave the special address in which the aim of the session was splendidly narrated, after which the session was handed over to the students.

v  A brief Introduction about the importance of the day was given by Ebi Pious.

v  The History of Tobacco was beautifully elaborated by Arun Arul David in which he described how tobacco came from America to India over time.

v  Triloknath took over the job of briefing The Various Forms of Tobacco with pictures. The pictures contained Smoking and smokeless forms of tobacco.

v  The How the Addiction to Tobacco by People was told by Binesh. He briefed the various social, psychological and environmental causes of addiction.

v  Abishek explained The Mechanism of Action of Tobacco in a common man’s slang with a video. The video portrayed how nicotine gives pleasurable feeling to its users.

v  Through a poignant video the Various Hazards of Tobacco Consumption was depicted by Allen Kiruba. The video pictured the ways by which various organs of our body are gradually taken over by tobacco.

v  An Interactive Session was held by Flippo P. Gadth .V and Anu Shankar to discuss the views of the B.Ed students about tobacco and smoking. The views of students regarding tobacco, the ways they adopt to prevent tobacco use were criticized and discussed.

v  The Preventive Measures taken by the Government, what we can do to stop tobacco usage was very eloquently done by Rahul Giridas. In his speech he talked about the various legislative measures the government has undertaken.

v  Team 1 and its members (SWAT as they called themselves) took a wonderful effort in describing, through a Skit, the life of a young man who gets addicted to smoking and later dies of the same. Their actions spoke louder than words for sure. In the end of their skit they showed a chart picturing the ill effects of smoking and to stop smoking.

v  The session was succeeded by team 1 and 2 on enlightening the students “How to Light A Cigarette”.

v  In the end all the students took an Oath to not smoke and to help smokers come out of their addiction.

v  A Vote Of Thanks was given by S.Anlet Caroline (B.Ed student) and the session came to a conclusion by 4.30 pm. We returned to the campus by 5.15 pm.








TEAM 3:           

                       Team 3 started from the college campus at 1:30 pm and reached Harishree Higher Secondary School at 1:50 pm. The school management gave the team a warm welcome. Almost 30 students of the class 10th and 12th standard were present. Under the leadership of Vanamalar and guidance of Dr.Kasturi, we performed the following events:

1. The Introduction Speech began with the quote “One of the most important but one of the most difficult things for a powerful mind is to be  its own master but once it becomes its master there is nothing it can’t conquer”. The topic of the day and the purpose of program were said by Anesha Isaac mentioning the importance of awareness about Tobacco.

2. Welcome Speech was proposed by Bibi Herlin welcoming the school management, staff and the students.

3. A Talk On History Of Tobacco And ‘World No Tobacco Day’ was done by Anesha Isaac mentioning the theme of world tobacco day 2016, history of origin of tobacco, its spread around the world and the devastation it caused.

4. The Types Of Tobacco were explained in a brief manner with the help of a power point presentation by Pandi Meena,Vinayak mani Aishwarya, Beautlin, Bibi Herlin, Aashika, Aarthi Prabha, Vanamalar and Casmier Leeth.

5. A small Skit was performed by the whole team to educate and entertain the crowd. The skit portrayed the HEALTH AND SOCIAL IMPACTS OF TOBACCO. The skit was concluded with Mark Twain’s famous quote saying “Giving up tobacco is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I have done it a thousand times”

6. The Posters Presentaion on Chemicals present in cigarette, Health hazards caused by smoking, Benefits of quitting the habit of smoking and Rehabilitation were done by Aarthi Prabha, Casmier Leeth, Beautlin, Vanamalar.

7. A Quiz was conducted to encourage the students to know more about tobacco and its ill effects. Chocolates were distributed as reward for correct answers. Almost all students actively participated in the competition.

8.  AN Oath was taken by all the students at the end of the program saying “I solemnly pledge that I will never use tobacco products at any instance in my life.  I will strongly object anyone smoking in public. I will boldly oppose my family members if they smoke. I promise this on my honour.”

9. The Vote Of Thanks was delivered by Aashika thanking the school management and our college management 


We left the school premises at 3:45 and reached the college by 4 pm.




Student’s Experience:

                              We had a marvellous session of interaction with the students from other institution. We were given a chance to shape our skills and make ourselves better persons. The stage performance which we performed was off the hook. It enabled us to display our talents in front of people who enjoyed our programmes. We also thank the management and the Department of Community Medicine for giving us a Chance.


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